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Taking the SkinDNA ™ Genetic Test is surprisingly easy; your DNA therapist will collect a saliva sample from the inside of you cheek with our easy-to-use DNA Collector. The sample is then analysed at out accredited lab. The key markers we search for are located and an analysis is conducted where we identify the presence of a variation in each marker.

After the data is analysed, a user friendly report is tailored to the end-user based on the proprietary DG-Theorem™ statistical algorithm. (Your skin professional is also trained specially by our team to help interpret your test results.)

Your SkinDNA ™ Genetic Test Results are presented with a list of key ingredients designed for your gene type, that you should focus on in each of the 5 categories. This does mean that you need go out and buy everything on the list but rather choose a selection of ingredients to use - with the guidance of your skin professional.

This allows the customer to shop for skincare with the knowledge of the products effectiveness and the benefits it’s going to have within their skin. The skincare professional acts as their mentor and counsellor guiding the client and allowing them obtain the maximum benefit and experience of the SkinDNA™ Genetic Test.

We are surrounded by more health advice than ever, but what's really right for you?
In the past we could only answer this question in a very general way, everyone got the same recommendation on nutrition and skin health. Now, you can advance beyond one-size-fits-all suggestions. The skin health insights from your SkinDNA ™ Genetic Test Results can point you toward the prevention measures most suited to you. Even if you followed everybody's advice to the letter, no-one is able to accurately predict how your skin will age just by looking at you.

If you are overwhelmed with contradicting advice about what's best for your skin's health and future, if you need motivation to maintain the long term health and quality of your skin, or if you just find it easier and more realistic to focus on areas where your skin is genetically weaker, then the SkinDNA ™ Genetic Test is for you.

Since the finalisation of the Human Genome Project in 2003, SkinDNA™ Scientists have been hard at work to uncover the human skin's unique genetic blueprint. In 2008 the search led to a remarkable discovery of 15 genetic markers that played a role in skin protection, premature aging and determined the future outcomes of our skin. This remarkable discovery unleased a new era in personalized skin medicine.

Each category outcome is made on a proprietary graduated scale of 0.001 to 1 referred to as the Mazy Scale™.

Your SkinDNA ™ Genetic Test Results utilise our proprietary DG-Theorem™ to develop a personal guide for building a complete, custom tailored skincare regimen that allows you to achieve optimal long term skin health.

The Mazy Scale™ is a numerical classification schema based on a graduated scale of 0.001 to 1 to visually represent the skins genetic risk factors portrayed across the skin aging processes of skin. It was developed by SkinDNA experts as a way to classify the response of different types of skin based on various genetic outcomes and other external factors including race and lifestyle factors.

It remains a recognized tool for dermatologic research into skin aging and genetic outcomes and is featured on every SkinDNA™ Genetic Test Report as well as its “White Label” solutions - where SkinDNA has assisted in co-branding or rebranding for distribution.

No. There is no need to retake the SkinDNA™ Genetic Test as your genes will never change. In terms of testing DNA, your DNA is the same throughout your entire life. This is a once in a lifetime investment that will ensure you never waste a single cent again on products and treatments.

Yes, The skin health insights from your DNA test can point you toward the prevention measures most suited to you. Even if you followed everybody's advice to the letter, no-one is able to accurately predict how your skin will age just by looking at you.

If you're overwhelmed with contradicting advice about what's best for your skin; if you need motivation to maintain the long term health and quality of your skin; or if you just find it easier and more realistic to focus on areas where your skin is genetically weaker, then the SkinDNA ™ is the answer.

SkinDNA ™ presents you with the most accurate information based on what your DNA tells us. By gaining insight into your DNA, you can determine your skin's genetic risks and take the right preventative steps to improve your skin's future.

Although you could purchase and use a wide variety of skincare products, most skin care professionals would agree that this is neither economical, nor practical. By understanding your skin's predispositions - from a DNA perspective - we are able to identify the right things you should be using an individualised skincare program specifically for you!

This targeted approach (rather than a shotgun, or one-size fits- all skincare approach) ultimately helps save you time, money and more importantly focuses your skincare regimen on key areas that are important to your individual skin's physiology.

No matter what age you are, it is never too late to focus on the future health of your skin

Our research has identified 4 kinds of patients in our field that are ideal candidates for taking a DNA test:

  1. Emotionally Distressed – these are patients that question and wonder if what they are doing is right for their skin.
  2. Proactive- those who realise the power of prevention and want to take action now before its too late. These people are aged generally between 20 and 40 years.
  3. Knowledge Driven- patients who are driven by wanting to understand every aspect of themselves. and this is growing at an exponential rate.
  4. The Confused- patients who do not know what to use for their skin {who think soap is just as good}, OR they have a cupboard full of failed promises and are struggling to find what is right for them.

SkinDNA takes value in the trust you place in us. To prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, to retain data accuracy, and to ensure the use of the information, we use a range of technical, physical and administrative measures to protect the information we collect about our members.

Yes. We follow strong guiding principles and policies on security, and we support laws that protect your privacy and genetic information.

Your DNA sample may be retained by SkinDNA for up to seven (7) days after your saliva sample is processed (for re-testing if necessary), at which time your sample is sent to the isolation Bay where we undergo the process of permanently erasing any remaining DNA through incineration.

Our DNA collector incorporates a new technology which allows the sample to last for up to two years if kept at room temperature. All of our White Label partners send samples immediately to ensure the best possible result.

Please see our Locations for your nearest country distributor or Stockist. For customers outside of the distributor locations you can purchase directly through us.

Whilst the SkinDNA ™ system can be used as an analytical tool, it is the first to introduce solid predictability. Our ability to predict the future of the client’s skin based on their DNA forms the cornerstone of what we’re all about.

If we talk about dependability as the scientific accuracy of the process, it’s as predictable as can be, currently 99.96%. There is that small margin for error however we have technical measures in place to ensure very high accuracy.

Your genes play a big role on skin outcomes, it’s also important to realise that genes are not the only determinate, one’s lifestyle and diet can also play a role too. For example, based on a client’s SkinDNA ™ Genetic Test Results - if they at increased risk to collagen breakdown, it does not necessarily mean that they will definitely come across this problem in later years - if they are also careful with their lifestyle choices.

The SkinDNA™ test empowers individuals and their skincare professionals with the information needed to make more educated decisions about their skin care needs. The key being prevention, SkinDNA™ is designed for early awareness and intervention before the problem strikes.

Consumers are faced with bewildering choice in what has become a trillion dollar skincare market. The SkinDNA™ Test helps take the guess work away. If a client has a genetic variation making them more prone to wrinkling then one should focus more efforts on ingredients that target that particular issue before the signs even begin to appear. The great thing about a genetic profile is that it will never change; the results will apply for the rest of your life.

Our technology is being implemented all around the world as a tool to allow customers to come back to their skincare professionals for the correct advice and skincare tools, rather than rely on internet advice which may not be correct for them.

Absolutely, We’re fortunate enough today, in that the science of skincare has progressed so far we had no problems finding ingredients capable of slowing down Collagen Breakdown, Sun Damage, Oxidation, Glycation and Inflammation. It’s just a matter of knowing which ingredients are best suited for each individual’s gene type to help tackle their skin aging problems.

This is where the SkinDNA ™ Genetic Test and Proprietary Technologies can assist you and your patients.

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Please kindly send head office your enquiry.

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